Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And So it Begins

I've been feeling rather uninspired lately. Perhaps its the lack of sleep accompanying recent responsibilities, combined with current responsibilities, and a (not-exactly-sure-how-I-feel-about) resurrection of yet another responsibillty*. It could also be this twinging guilt imbedded deep in my gut reminding me of all the loved ones I've neglected lately, having left you destitute in a desolate land filled only with my better half's handful of mini posts--certainly not enough material to satisfy all four of our followers. Though, entertaining as they may be, these deep thoughts of his serve no real insight to the McIntier Reparte except to reveal what exactly my better half is actually "studying". Ummm, ya. At any rate, whatever the reason, I find myself museless, and to no avail as today is no different--but wait. It is.
Good Mornin' Lake Erie!
We've missed you, though I am sure you'll wear out your welcome in the upcoming months.

In other news: I've cut my hairs.** Perry, after a long awaited 11 months, has cut her first tooth--er teeth, she now has 4 and is working on numbers 5 and 6. We expect their arrival any day now. I've turned one year older (and wiser too). Jeff and I finally buckled under the pressure, signed a two year agreement with T-mobile, giving us new--and free, I might add--telecommunicaters, thus making us the proud owners of two fully functional (as in no duct tape, cracked screens, or water damage) cell phones: One pink, one blue. Yay for us. And Max still can't say Niagara Falls correctly.

*I ain't fishin' nor complainin'. I'm just sayin'. Been busy lately.
**I do have more than one, you know.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

For Tupac (and Richard)

the only thing i can think of to say

It's too bad that Tupac had to miss this!  

(Check out lines 9 and 10 of verse two.)