Friday, May 30, 2008

Criminal Intent

I flew back to Bub-a-lello (Max's version) on Tuesday afternoon, and, as usual, we were running a little bit behind. I guess some things never change. As we were doing the hustle, trying to get everything in the bag on time, I guess we forgot to remember all of the new rules for flying.

When I got to the airport and walked through the security station I heard the man who gets to look at all of our stuff yell "bag check!" It was mine... :( So I sat there as the man opened my backpack and pulled out my hair gel stuff. It was bigger than three ounces. Crap. Oh well. He threw it away and ran it through the x-ray machine again. No go. I wondered what it was this time. Tooth paste. It was bigger than three ounces. Crap. Oh well. He threw it away and ran it through the x-ray machine again. No go. (Are you having deja-vu?) You've got to be kidding me!

At this point I start to get a little nervous, and it didn't help that the guy running the x-ray machine was eying me down like I was under the direction of Bin Laden! So the guy walks over to me and asks, "Do you have anything sharp in here?" I reply, "Maybe a pen or something." He keeps searching. "No, I'm looking for something else and I can't seem to find it." So I try to be as helpful as I can as to alleviate any suspicion that I am trying to sneak something past him. I grab the strap and say "There's another pocket right here." As I pull the strap around a RAZOR BLADE that I had put in my bag a few days earlier and completely forgotten about flies out of the pocket and lands on the table. CRAP!!!

The next thing that I knew I was standing naked in an interrogation room. Then I snapped out of my worst-case-scenario daydream and the guy said "I doubt you even knew about that! Let me run this bag through one more time and you can get on your way." I guess he could observe the fear in my eye. Luckily it passed, and I got to go on my way, but I couldn't help but wonder if that was a good thing or not? On one hand I was glad that I could go through, but on the other hand I was a little shocked. I mean, I just tried to go through security with a razor blade! Doesn't that at least warrant a few questions?

Anyway, let me just say that I will never pack my bags in a rush again! Lesson learned.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wednesday--What day?!

I've always found it odd--not to mention a bit awkward--that the middle day of the week is referred to as Hump Day. As a student I always enjoyed Wednesdays, as it marked the approaching of such days as Friday and Saturday--the very reason the day is referred to as such, and while I am aware that the origin of this description is supposed to have more to do with the growth on a camel's back than other somewhat derogatory connotations, part of me knew there was more to Wednesdays than marking the middle of the work week. Now, thanks modern marvels such as the internet, forwards and You Tube, my hypothesis has been proven correct. God Bless America...and Wednesdays.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bitter Sweet

Thing 2 is beginning to learn the concept: just because I can't see it, does not mean it doesn't exist. For Example, she will be sitting on my lap, though unable to see me, and feel the need to crane her neck backwards, make eye contact with me--she will literally stare at me until I look at her--beam, and then turn back around. She will do this over and over and over again just to make sure I haven't disappeared into thin air--because mom's do that, you know. We're good at making things vanish: owies, privileges, Peanut Butter M&M's...mmmmmm.
As I was putting her into the high chair for "safe keeping" whilst I ate breakfast, she kept peering up at me--neck craning--with THE MOST displeased expression a baby could ever make.
Didja just eat a lemon, Per? Sheesh.
All the more peculiar, she would only look at me for a moment before she put her head forward, as if merely making sure I was still there, and repeated the process over and over and over again, occasionally flashing a smile. After taking what should be an illelegal amount of pictures of her doing this, I realized, 'this is one of those things I'm gonna wish I had on film.' I reached for my camera:

Oops. I'm not exactly sure what caused the outburst--nor am I sure what my mother is talking about in the background, but I did realize that with my back turned to the vastly bright bay windows, when looking at me, she was also looking into the brilliant rays of sunshine; hence the sour grapes.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Livin' La Vida Loca on Tres de Mayo!!

In 2007, Cinco de Mayo was celebrated on the first Saturday in May. Apparently our upstairs neighbor is operating on a year-old calendar, because for some reason they had a fiesta (in honor of this great Mexican holiday) last night. Is it just me, or is that a little wierd? I mean if any holiday was meant to be celebrated on the actual day, wouldn't the title "CINCO DE MAYO" tip you off a little bit?

I guess I should have know that these guys were amatures when I heard the constant thud of a techno beat. I mean, come on! If you're going to celebrate Cinco de Mayo on Tres de Mayo, the least you could do is get a mariachi band! And for heaven's sake, even I know that you don't drink the Canadian LaBatt Blue cerveza on the 5th of May! Where were the Cobras! (Shout out to all my East LA homies!)

It was a little frustrating because part of the reason Abby and the kids went to Utah a week before me was so that I could have some peace and quiet to study for finals, and anyone that knows me well knows that I have a hard time studying or falling asleep to loud noise. Well, once I gave up on the studying, and I realized that I was never going to fall asleep with the boom...boom...boom...boom-boom-boom as my background music, I decided to run down to Walgreen's for some "sleep-aid." When I got home I pounded about half a bottle of NyQuil, and the next thing I knew it was morning. Thank you NyQuil. I love you.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


That's all. Just had to get that off my chest.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

We Made It!

What does the most outgoing little buddy in all of the world do when he's imprisoned on an airplane with 2 hours remaining until landing?Introduce himself!
Pictured are Thing 1's new friends: cute "Blondie" from the family of 7 all traveling together (that's right, family of 7; for a moment I thought they were our Biggest Family on the Block friends, the Caspers, then I counted the kids and realized there was one boy too many...) and Vanessa, almost 2, traveling with her mother, Andrea going to Grandma and Grandpa while Dad completed his second year med school finals back in DC--one gets the pleasure of sharing stories with others during 2 hour layovers.

Once pure delerium was reached, Blondie and her older sister kept Vanessa entertained across the isle, while Max sat in Vanessa's seat and played with Andrea. Her stickers and crayons and movies were increasingly more enticing than his own stickers...and crayons...and movies. Thank goodness for Andrea. Airplane lavatories are simply too cozy for mom, infant, and toddler.

We are are here, we are settled and up two friends. Would I fly again with my children and no Jeff? Surprisingly, Yes I would.