Friday, June 26, 2009


Thing 2 is pacing aimlessly about The Dawg's* house, whining, signing and speaking more--sounds like, "mo"-- whilst reaching into oblivion in search of Blankie, whom I just put in the dryer. She saw me do this, but yet, somehow efforts such as these will make Blankie reappear in places like the fron stairway and behind the family room couch. Eventually they will, I suppose. In about 45 minutes. Hope she recognizes it. It will no longer don a grey and mauve , but a glowing pink and white. Max has lovingly lent her Yellow for the time being--not Blue because,"Just...he's my too special one, Mom."

My Better Half is sleeping away his 9 hour drive to Los Angeles. He arrived at 4 am this morning. Gustave, his Kentucky friend, is getting married. I did not get to with him. I did talk him into it, though. Originally being oppposed to the idea, it turned out not to be as hard as I thought, to change his mind. However, in whirl of turned-out-to-be-futile eyelash batting and seduction at My Better Half--don't act like you've never done it--I forgot to do the same to my superiors at the Gap. Of course, I don't think that would have worked anyway. I'm pretty sure most of them are interested in men, and doing so may have only angered them into a jealous frenzy as I have fabulous eyelashes. 'Guess requesting the time off may have also been an effective tactic. Really, I blame Gus. Had more than 3 weeks notice been given for this shin-dig, I may have been able to pull some strings.

The above kind of sums me up too, I guess. Having awoken to overcast skies this morning only furthered my L.A.-less, funk-of-a-mood. The sun is peaking through the clouds now. Consequently, my frown is turning upsidedown. Aunt-a-Buddah's** ipod is now almost fully charged meaning I can finish watching season 1 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. I am not ashamed, nor am I frowning in the least anymore. Grinning from ear to ear. Too bad you can't see me. I haven't brushed my teeth yet. Wait. Maybe the sun isn't peaking through the clouds at all. It's just me. I am creating this. In my unexpected turn-a-bout demeanor I've willed myself into seeing sunshine. Let me go check.


Nope. The sun is really out. Would've been cool if it was me, though. Admit it. Now. Despite what you may be thinking, I have a plan for today. It is to watch the aforementioned super cool show, occasionally interspersing an Arrested Development episode, whilst folding my mountain peak of laundry. There must be fault activity 'round the mount as it keeps growing. 'Course, the sunshine is bursting its way through the atmosphere now with unstoppable force. I may have to tackle Mount Laundro-nogus later this evening. I think that sounds like a good plan. I think Thing 1 will feel okay about this.

He is currently watching a recent obsession--due to an also recent birthday gift from a friend-- involving a latin fellow named Manny and his flock of talking tools. And sucking on his fingers. My thoughts exactly. An interesting thing about 1, is that he turned 4. Though, not exactly on the day he thought. According to him, June 14 (pronounced "fourn-teenth") was Father's Day. Having been so busy with moves and road trips until only days before the real June 14, we took advantage of 1's lack of conception of all things time, and the congruent compilation of My Better Half's blood relatives to celebrate his birthday then. Now, also according to him, he turned 5 on Wednesday (two days ago) when we celebrated his birthday again, this time with my blood relatives. He took this as his next birthday, rather than just an additional birthday celebration. I've spent some time undoing this. For now, he's 4. I think I got it to stick. We'll see.

The ipod is charged.

*Neesh-Dawg, Nicea Gedicks, mi Madre.
**Thing 1's pronunciation at age 2 of Aunt Amanda, mi smallo sistero. May the Lord bless her for leaving her technology with me this day.