Friday, August 21, 2009

Abby McIntier

  • is starting to panic. Don't think its all going to fit in a 16 footer.
  • has angels for children who are very good at entertaining themselves for hours on end while in the car.
  • wants someone to remind her that she has angels for children and that she, herself, made that statement.
  • in seeing her stuff wishes she would have paid the extra money and gotten the bigger truck.
  • has to leave the dryer in Buffalo (stupid electric hook-up). One less thing that has to fit in the truck, I guess.
  • never realized how hairy and stinky all of her furniture was. One summer in a pet-free zone can really open your eyes.
  • Is it just her, or have we been here before? Appliance-less...
  • can't believe it all fit. Seriously.
  • really can't believe it all fit. Seriously. Minus the dryer, or course.
  • is going to miss the Casper Family (among others). They are pretty awesome.
  • gets a titty-bit embarrassed when her better half tells someone, "the tan one with the nice rack," is his, "Oh! You mean my wife. I thought you were talking about my new car." True story. Pun intended.
  • has to live in State College for how long??? Hoping it will grow on her.
  • feels nostalgic for Buffalo's Craigs List in her search for an electrically hooked-up dryer.
  • needs you to remind her about her children now.
  • remind her again.
  • Likes the friends her better half made on the internet. They don't mind sitting on hairy, stinky furniture.
  • found the Wegmans!
  • would like to thank the Academy (parents both blood and non) for getting us out the door and on the road in one piece.
In other words, these are the Facebook stati I would have posted had I owned a blackberry, iphone, or otherwise been continuously connected to the internet during the duration of our move.

We are here. I'm pretty sure we are happy. And we are safe.

Monday, August 17, 2009

We Made It

We have moved to State College, Pennsylvania, and everything went and is going well. Abby will be posting updates in the next couple of days. Stay tuned...