Tuesday, December 22, 2009

maybe it was that time of the month

maybe she had a headache.
maybe her better half had the audacity to run off to school for the day (a cold, blustery, wintry mix sort of day) with her last caffeinated beverage of choice.

just sayin.

i can totally sympathize with this penguin.


Jenny and everyone else said...

I was just thinking along these lines! I dont want to be "mom" today. I dont want to be the one they are expecting something from as they bellow "MOOOOOOOOOM!!"

Sometimes I wish I was on an iceberg.

Soxy Pirate said...

Why on earth was he at school?

Shawn said...

I'm voting that it wasn't that time of the month. Unless it was HIS time of the month maybe. For you, it was being married to one of those things that is just hard to understand sometimes. And they think we are crazy?! Ya gotta love 'em though.

Jeff said...

Hold on, I've got to clear something up. All I did was take the last Pepsi. The kids did the rest. I don't think Ab is crazy. In fact, I think that I am. If I were that penguin it probably would have been a good old-fashioned beat down.

David said...

This is me commenting on your blog after being thoroughly chastised for not doing so on my last visit. Comment.