Sunday, February 21, 2010


on our way home from our church meeting house after a very important baptism for a good friend's son--i was certain he didn't pay any attention, but coincidently (or not-so-much coincidently)--these deep thoughts were spurred.

thing 1: (exceedingly pensive) mom?
me: yes?
thing 1: do we have houses in heaven?
me: i guess so, we have to live somewhere (right?), but (in anticipation of another question) i don't know what they look like...


1: mom?
me: yes?
1: can we move in heaven?
me: (using my deductive reasoning skills) you mean like...move houses?
1: no. like move around. (i look in the rear-view mirror to see him wiggle in his car seat further specifying his point)
me: yeah, you can...

{pause again.}

1: mom?
me: yeeesss?
1: so, can alex move? uncle alex?

huh. interesting.


Shawn said...

I LOVE THAT PICTURE! And the conversation. What an amazing little guy you have.


Sherry Carpet said...

so glad you wrote that down!

thing one looks to be about eight years old himself.


Melanie said...

How sweet he thought of your brother! The veil is thin for these little sweet kids!

annie said...

he's a deep one, that thing 1.

love the picture, too.

Nicea said...

So innocent. And such a little sponge. Humbling, that's what it is.

Douglas Family said...

That was so sweet. Love it when my kids ask questions like that - they seem so much closer to the other side than we are...really makes me look forward to the next chapter.

Chuck said...

What a wonderful journey parenting is! Love the picture -- love the boy.

The Wills Family! said...

I know that Alex had more curl in his hair, but for a second I thought I was looking at him as a boy.
Thing 1 is beautiful and a great reminder of our VERY missed cousin!
Love you Alex.