Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Bit of Nostalgia

My brain has been inescapably swirling with memories from not so long ago--though, to me the time expired seems like light years, those older, wiser, and thus more mature than me would scoff at the mere under two decades of time ago in which some of the following things occurred. Perhaps as a result of recent re-connections with best buds and old friends via cyber-social networking sites and what have you. At any rate, I wanted to scribe them before they were once again lost in the archives. Enjoy...or not.
Disclaimer: This post will be nothing but yawns and "eh?"s, maybe a few "oh dear"s, to most of you, but if you need a good bed time story, feel free to read on. Don't say I didn't warn you. You too, Neesh.

Remember how we used to go out to eat at Brick Oven anytime it was conceivably possible? Mmmm. Ranch and mushrooms...
Remember how it was almost always someone's birthday, even if it wasn't?

Remember when one of us moved to Spanish Fork?
Remember when we all road the bus down there to visit her?
Remember how she introduced us to a guy that, "looked like Usher and danced like Puff Daddy?" Our words. No joke. Who knew...

Remember our annual Christmas parties?
Remember that year we had it on the floor in the University Mall because two of us had to work in that kiosk? I think that was one of the last ones...

Remember our massive sleepovers where we would stay up nearly all night and almost every time someone would end up at least partially nude (or even fully)--often outside?
Speaking of...remember the time when we slept at one of our dad's houses and decided to take a walk on the Riverside Golf Course with the boys (squeal) then we all tripped on that stupid string as we entered the course? (could've been just me)
Remember later that night how we all ended up outside lined up on Universtiy Ave entertaining cars as they drove by? Some of us more clothed than others? I wonder how many people laughed at us from their cars, "Poor little prepubescents...", they thought, shaking their heads as they drove on...

Remember when we toilet papered one of the boys's house (squeal) because we thought they were sleeping there?
Remember how his dad caught us? In his G's?

Remember how we used to spend our class periods writing notes to eachother?
Remember how the decor on the note took more thought and effort than the actual message?
Remember how along with note-writing came the drawing of elaborate so-and-so plus so-and-so pictures?

Remember KC and Jo Jo?
Remember MM Bop--still a fav--and Seven Peaks passes?

Remember how we were obsessed with the movie Titanic and each saw it about 19 times?
Remember how I bawled (more than the average female) everytime I saw it. It being released mere months after Alex passed away may have had an effect on that...
Remember how we waited for weeks for the soundtrack to come out and when one of us finally bought it, we listened to the theme song on repeat in one of our rooms for what seemed like hours on end with the lights off donned in trends from the local thrift store?

Remember rollerblading up and down Palisade Drive?
Remember walking EVERYWHERE?
Remember seeing movies at Wynnsong, then eating at Hogi Yogi?

Remember how one of us had a family that moved to Draper so one of us had went to Alta for like a day before she decided she hated it? Thank goodness for that--what would we have done with out Blake and Jer's?

Remember the giant community locker in D hall? How many of us did we have in there anyway?
Remember Mr. Downs?
Even better, remember Mr. Logan? Ugglh.
Even better yet, remember Mrs. Kummer? at Orem High??????

Remember how we used to plan to where pajamas to school?
Remember how we used to plan "Friday Outfits?" Then, slowly, we quit planning and began to just wear our pajamas anyway--even, if not especially, on Fridays?

Remember one of us FINALLY got a car? And it was blue. And it was out. of. this. world.
Remember how some of us helped that crossing guard after he fell and earned ourselves a free ice cream cone? Not that one should expect to be rewarded for doing good deeds, but an ice cream cone? We quite possibly saved that guys life.
Remember Delilah? I still love her.

Remember our trip to St. George?
Remember the Rococo?

Remember Jack Johnson, Kalai, and Ben Harper? Oi vey.
Remember South Fork?
In Fact, remember that two of us had an apartment? and a pager? Yup a pager. Weren't they a first to get a cell phone too? Whoa.

Remember taping episode after episode of Friends? If we'd only known that less than a decade later the ENTIRE collection would be available on DVD. It's a shame I still can't afford it...

Remember how dramatic we were about everything?
Remember fighting over boys, clothes, gossip and who knows what?
Remember becoming friends again after one of those blow outs?
Remember how we couldn't live with out each other back then?
Remember that with out any of these experiences, good and bad, happy or sad, we wouldn't be who we are today?

Sometimes I miss those days, but only because I miss the gals. Three cheers for best buds.

Please don't ever leave again.

AN AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was actually written several months ago whilst sitting upon my mother's couch. I believe it was May of '08, if we want to get technical. Obviously it was never posted. Who knows why I'm posting it now. Perhaps because it's a Sunday and I often get nostalgic and thoughtful--be that literally full of thought, not to be confused with the charitable definition of the same word--on the Sabbath. The same also happens when the kids are in bed, the T.V. is not on, and My Better Half is in his office studying. Consequently, the stars have aligned, all four of them, and I am extra-ly full of thought this eve.


Sarah Phipps said...

so cute. Makes me miss high school and OHS.

annie said...

i heard mmm bop at the grocery store today. haven't heard it in years and years. and i thought of you. :D

Marie Stott said...

I love you Abigail and miss you more and more with every move. Let's have that afore mentioned foursome. We could all be happy together. Maybe Annie and Carl would join us.