Monday, December 10, 2007


Abby doesn't like me posting my thoughts on here, but heck, blogs are more than just myspace for families, right?!

Have you ever wondered why people get on an elevator and repeatedly push their intended floor's button as quickly as they can? Does it actually work? Did the elevator engineers get together and install a little feature that makes the doors close more quickly for the rapid pushers? Or is it simply that it just makes it feel as if time is going faster because instead of awkwardly standing there with a stranger, you are assiduously engaged in button pushing?! The same thing is true of crosswalks. Somebody once told me that if the crosswalk button is pushed over and over the light will think that more people need to cross, and therefore change faster! The more people there are, the more important it is for them to cross. Wow! What a traffic light! I wonder what number the threshold is to cross from non-important to important. Hey, maybe it's a neat idea--an "In case of emergency" number of time to push the button. But I have to think that we, being the important people that we think we are, would always be in an emergency!


The Marsing's said...

Honestly, I just push the elevator button a lot when I'm stuck in an awkward situation like Jim Carrey was in Liar Liar.........nothing else to do but push the button, or stare......safer to push the button!

People use the same theory when it comes to re-calling someone who just barely ignored you. If you hear someone's voicemail pickup halfway through a ring, chances are their phone didn't happen to turn off. YOU JUST BEEN IGNORED UPON :-) Just because you re-call them 5 times doesn't mean they are going to willingly answer in a pleasant mood as though you haven't been calling for the past 30 minutes.

Much Love,


ERIN said...

Abby! Hello! It's Erin from Cougs! I just saw your link on Julianne's blog...I'm so happy to see that you're doing so well. You have such a cute little family!!! I'm totally adding you to my link list 'cause I definitely want to keep posted on what's going on in your life. :)

Phipps Family said...

Hey Abby...remember me from OHS. congrats on the new baby! She is adorable. - Sarah Anderson Phipps